Nowadays it's nearly impossible to know the environmental impact and ethical sourcing of commercial jewellery. Our label aims not only to reduce our environmental impact, but to further protect and conserve wildlife. 


  • All items are sent in post-consumer recycled & recyclable / biodegradable mailers with recycled inner materials 

Locally sourced metals

  • We use recycled silver & gold for all items where possible 
  • We source all recycled metals from Australia's only independent metal refinery which uses the world's most environmentally safe refining technology (as certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council) 
  • 100% fair trade

Slow Jewellery

  • All pieces are individually handcrafted in our home in the Australian bush, slowly and consciously with minimal environmental impact 
  • All tools and equipment used are locally sourced, second-hand or made from recycled materials 
  • We use traditional metalsmithing techniques with minimal electricity usage 

Bush Heritage Australia

  • $2 from each purchase goes towards Bush Heritage Australia's non-for-profit that buys & manages land by partnering with the Indigenous community, to conserve our landscapes and irreplaceable native species 
  • Funding towards independent conservation reserves & environmental research