Wombat Fern Jewellery is an eco-centric jewellery label created by Rachael.  

I am a Melbourne-based jewellery maker with a passion for creative design and supporting local small businesses. I have been making and buying handmade jewellery at local markets for several years, and have been inspired by these creative environments to delve into metal design & metalsmithing. 

I aim for all my creations to be sustainable. All items are made with high-grade recycled silver & gold unless stated otherwise, where each design is accentuated by its handmade nature - characteristic of slow jewellery. 

I hope for my jewellery to be cherished by others, to find a sense of consciousness in knowing that their purchase will not only support a small business, but also contributes to honouring our environment through our zero waste ethos and our ongoing donations to environmental & indigenous organisations. 

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