Wildlife Donation Sticker

$6.00 - $15.00

St Andrews Wildlife Shelter is located on a 20-acre bush property in St Andrews, Victoria. The shelter is run and funded by John and Mara.
From possums, to kangaroos, to tawny frogmouths John and Mara have a place for them in their hearts and at their shelter.

The injured wildlife that arrive at the shelter need specific and constant care, this job is really important to do but takes a lot of time and, of course, money. John and Mara mainly rely on donations and money from their own pocket to buy formula, bedding, medicine and food for the animals.

To give you a idea of what your donation will do for the shelter here is an outline of the costs that come with wildlife care:

• Baby Ringtail possums cost $4 a week, a maximum of $40 from arrival to release
• Baby Brushtails cost $6 a week, about $80-100 from arrival to release
• Tawny Frogmouth care cost about $70-100 depending on how long they take to be ready for release

100% of that you put towards these stickers will go to St Andrews Wildlife Shelter to help out our injured wildlife.

*Sticker details – 5x5cm, gloss finish
*Each individual purchase = one sticker

*You can create a larger donation by purchasing multiple stickers until desired amount is reached or you can go to www.standrewswildlifeshelter.com to make a direction donation! 🌿